On behalf of our family I wanted to thank you for your efforts in successfully listing and selling my father's home. You went well beyond the level of normal services in arranging for bidding and contractor repairs of the home and the staging of the home. We found your staff to be very professional and efficient. And of course, we are very pleased with the above-ask closing price. Thank you again for your excellent services.

Brett Lowart

Hi Lisa, while we are waiting out the final days towards closing escrow on the Fassler house, Olivia and I wanted to take a moment and express our appreciation and thanks for the assistance you provided us in connection with the listing and sale.  While we have a lot of adjectives in mind, such as diligent, prompt, responsive, knowledgeable, and thorough, it can be summed up in one, professional.  "Go the extra mile" has always been our family motto, so we were both surprised and pleased to witness you doing just that time and time again.  Your assistance in the marketing and listing decisions was invaluable.  At the times when we were hung up on some issue related to the remodeling, you showed up and with great advice got us to make the right decision and keep moving forward. Of course, ultimately, the proof is in the pudding.  And the fact that you secured a non-contingent offer for us at over $200,000 above our asking price (which we nagged you about time and time again. You stuck to your guns on your advice) is all the proof needed.

So thank you again.  We were recently with a group of people and in telling them of our experience and ultimate result, one of them exclaimed "Man, you guys got lucky!"  My response?  "We didn't get lucky, we got Lisa!"    

Jim and Olivia Sumner